Friday, February 25, 2011


Got the stats on MATHCOUNTS Chapter competition participation and score from Chapter co-coordinator today. This may not make much sense to those unfamiliar with the the MATHCOUNTS competitions, so let me give a backgrounder and summaries some of the results.

MATHCOUNTS coaches hold school competitions to select 4 winners to participate in chapter competitions. These winners make a team and represent the school in chapter competition. Chapters send winning teams to state level and the states send their winning teams to national competition. The actual number of teams selected at each level depends on the size of the school, chapter or the sate.

The school where I coach is part of the Silicon Valley Chapter.

Coming back to stats:

  • The number of boys participating in Silicon Valley Chapter (my school's chapter) is more than twice the number of boys and this ratio has been fairly constant over the years. National level report stopped reporting this ratio after 2007.
  • Average scores of Silicon Valley Chapter is way better than the average national score for Sprint Target and Team rounds. This is also consistent over the years.
  • The ratio of sixth graders participating in the contest is much more in the Silicon Valley Chapter than at the national level.

None of these are surprising, but still seeing the actual numbers is kind of a revelation.

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